2018/10/30 - Scheduled maintenance, 30 October

IT scheduled maintenance work will occur on Tuesday, October 30th, starting at 5:30 PM.

  • Wi-Fi: we expect that Wi-Fi service (eduroam, Events@Rhodes) may be unstable for some hours during the evening.

    Attempts to update the software on the Wi-Fi controllers in the 7 August, 18 September and 16 October maintenance windows resulted in unstable Wi-Fi service. This time, hardware will be replaced before the update is attempted again.  Staff from the manufacturer and support provider will be on call to investigate if the update is unsuccessful again.

  • Storage systems: software on storage systems will be updated.  No outage is expected, though an unexpected failure during the upgrade would cause an outage affecting almost all services.

This work is being conducted during a minor maintenance period. Should there be a compelling reason why this work should not go ahead as planned, please contact before 3:00 PM on Tuesday.

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