2018/09/18 - Scheduled maintenance, 18 September

IT scheduled maintenance work will occur on Tuesday, September 18th, starting at 5:30 PM.

  • Single Sign On service: we expect that it will not be possible to login to services using the single sign on service, such as RUconnected and ROSS, at times during the evening.

    As a necessary part of our preparation to rejoin the SAFIRE Identity Federation service, the software that provides the single sign on service will be updated. Please note that the following changes will occur:

    • The login screen will look different, as shown in the screenshots below. To ensure that you don't provide scammers with access to your Rhodes University account, please always confirm that the login page is authentic before entering your details. You can do so by checking that the green padlock indicating secure content is shown and that the web address hostname ends in "" (highlighted in the screenshots below) or, when accessing G Suite for Education services, "".

    • The new software will only be available in English language.  It is hoped that future work will allow us to offer the login pages in other languages once again.

    • It will not be possible to revoke consent for the single sign on service to provide your personal information to service providers using the same interface as before. Instructions for revoking consent will be provided at once the new software is active.

  • Wi-Fi: we expect that Wi-Fi service will be unstable for some hours during the evening.

    The software on the Wi-Fi controllers was updated in the 7 August maintenance window, but on the following day it was found that Wi-Fi service was unstable. We reverted to the previous software without being able to diagnose the root cause of the instability. In this maintenance window, we will attempt the update again, but with staff from the manufacturer and support provider on call to investigate and hopefully provide a solution to the problem.

This work is being conducted during a minor maintenance period. Should there be a compelling reason why this work should not go ahead as planned, please contact before 4:00 PM on Tuesday.

New single sign on service login page as shown in Firefox:


 New single sign on service login page as shown in Chrome:

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