2010/08/26 - Planned Network Outage
Network maintenance will be performed starting at 10:30 on Thursday night. Maintenance should be completed within two hours.

Expected impact of the maintenance:
  • Internet access to all of campus will be disrupted for approximately fifteen minutes.
  • Parts of campus will be completely disconnected from the rest of the campus network and will lose access to all network services for approximately fifteen minutes. Those areas include: AMM and surrounding buildings, the Library, Campus Protection Unit, New House, Adamson House, GRPGV and all reses in the Hobson, Courtenay-Latimer, Kimberley, Mandela and Lillian Ngoyi Halls.
  • In the event that we experience problems and it becomes necessary to revert the configuration of the switch, it is possible that longer outages will be experienced.
During the maintenance, the software running on the core switch in the AMM Data Centre will be upgraded.
During the course of today, we have experienced problems with the core router in the Struben Data Centre. This affected certain Internet access around 9 o'clock this morning, and access to the SEALS library server between 1 and 2 o'clock. As a workaround, we switched the router to its alternate CPU, which fixed those problems.

We've decided to revert that router to the previous version of the software. Tonight's maintenance of the AMM core router has been cancelled, and the Struben core router will revert to the previous version. As a result, the expected impact of tonight's maintenance will be as per last week's maintenance.