2023/03/02 - Urgent maintenance, 2 March

After 5:30 on 2 March, the phone system will need to be rebooted.  We expect that all phones (IP telephones and emergency phones) will be unable to make or receive calls for a period of around 15 minutes.  Phones will likely show a message reading "Discover" during that time.

We had hoped that the work done in the maintenance window on 14 February would've resolved the PBX issue we've identified, but unfortunately it did not.  It is now urgent to resolve this as there is reason to expect that the issue may impact normal functioning of the PBX next week.  Our PBX support provider and the software vendor will be on hand this evening to resolve the issue.

Those phones which have already been migrated to the new PBX will not be affected by this work.

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