2021/12/01 - Card-based access control migration, beginning 1 December [update 9 Dec]

Starting from the evening of 1 December, the staff/student card access control system in the buildings listed below will be migrated to new server software.

From that time, existing cards will provide access as before, but it will not be possible to issue new/replacement cards or grant additional access to existing cards.

During the course of the week of 6 December, it will be possible to issue new cards, but they will only be usable on buildings which have completed their migration to the new software.  That process of migrating each building will begin on 6 December, though it is not yet clear how long it will take to migrate all of the buildings to the new software.

Affected buildings:

  • Africa Media Matrix
  • Struben Building
  • Geography Building
  • Hamilton Building
  • Biko Building
  • Health Suite
  • Physics Building
  • New Arts Building
  • Eden Grove Building
  • ELRC
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Building
  • Library
  • Life Sciences Building
  • School of Languages
  • Education Building
  • Theatre Building
  • 5 Prince Alfred St

Update, 9 December: We are in the process of migrating the old P2000 access control system to a C-Cure access control system due to end of life of the P2000 system in January 2022. The process requires some hardware installation and cutover. The process began on Monday 6th December. Unfortunately the team has been hit by Covid and quarantine requirements. Buildings that were to be migrated this week will be done in January. The Library, Struben and New Arts are complete. The remaining buildings below will still have access control working but no new cards can be added to the access control database until the migration is complete.

Update, 14 January 2022: The Health Suite, Eden Grove, ELRC and Steve Biko Buildings have been migrated.  Work on the remaining buildings is ongoing.

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