2020/09/22 - Scheduled provider maintenance, 22 September

We've been notified by TENET that maintenance will be undertaken on the router which provides TENET's Internet access services to the university.  Work will begin at 9 PM on Tuesday, 22 September, and is expected to take an hour to complete.

This work ought not result in a major Internet outage for the university as connectivity should still be provided by our commercial Internet service provider.  However, it is possible that temporary disruption may occur as TENET's work begins.

Connectivity to SEALS services will be affected.  SEALS services will be unavailable, except:

  • OPAC, Sierra, Handle and Vital services will be accessible from the RU campus network or VPN service, and
  • Handle and Vital services will be accessible from IPv6-enabled networks.

All network services at the EBRU experimental station will be unavailable during the maintenance.

Update, 25 September 2020: we've received confirmation that TENET did not undertake the planned maintenance and that it will be scheduled for a later date.

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