2017/02/28 - VPN service: PPTP protocol to be discontinued

From the end of February 2017, the Rhodes University VPN service will no longer permit PPTP connections, as they are no longer regarded as sufficiently secure.

If you make use of the VPN service, please check the configuration of your VPN client.

  • Windows: if your VPN connection profile's Type of VPN option is already set to Automatic or SSTP, no changes are necessary. 

    If your connection is set to "Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)", please change it to "Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)".  In the unlikely event that you're unable to connect using SSTP (for instance, because the network you're connected to doesn't permit it), you can try the L2TP/IPsec protocol by changing the VPN type to "Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec (L2TP/IPsec)" then entering Preshared Key "".

  • macOS, iOS or Android: as the VPN clients in these operating systems do not support SSTP, please use the L2TP/IPsec protocol instead of PPTP.  Please ensure you set the Preshared Key to "".

Configuration instructions are available on the configuration guides page.  If you have any queries, please contact

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