2016/02/16 - Obsolete Wi-Fi security protocols to be discontinued
During the minor maintenance window on the evening of Tuesday, 16 February, we will disable support for certain obsolete Wi-Fi security protocols on the eduroam Wi-Fi network on Rhodes' campus. It is unlikely that many devices are still using the old protocols, but if any are, they may be need to be manually reconfigured to use current protocols.

Specifically, support for WPA security and TKIP encryption will be disabled. Only the more modern WPA2 security and AES encryption protocols will be supported.

If your devices have been set up using the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool, they will already be using the correct settings. eduroam CAT can set up correct Wi-Fi settings on a wide variety of devices.
It is possible that this change will render a small handful of older (> ~ 8 years) devices unable to connect to our wireless network.

WPA2/AES was mandatory for WiFi certification from March 2006, and so all new devices manufactured from that point should support the change.
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