2016/07/14 - Network outage: residences in St Mary and Courtenay-Latimer Halls

An electrical fault in St Mary dining hall has meant that there is no power to the network distribution equipment located there, and as a result, there is no network access in the residences listed below (this includes wired network points, Wi-Fi access and IP telephones).

We're told that the electrical fault may take some days to repair.  Once power is restored, network access should be restored to the affected residences.

Wi-Fi access is available to students within the Courtenay-Latimer dining hall.

Residences affected:

  • Beit House
  • Lillian Britten House
  • Jameson House
  • John Kotze House
  • Olive Schreiner House
  • Oriel House
  • Phelps House
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