2015/04/15 - Proxy error: ERR_ONLY_IF_CACHED_MISS
There's currently a problem with at least one of the caching proxy servers that causes it to try and fetch information that doesn't exist. Users will experience this as an ERR_ONLY_IF_CACHED_MISS error message when trying to load certain web pages.

The problem can usually be temporarily worked around in one of two ways:
  • Force the page to reload - most browsers do this if you hold down the shift key when pressing the reload button
  • Restarting your web browser (which may cause it to select a different cache)

The problem is caused by a corrupt cache digest. We're investigating ways to try and rebuild the digest and resolve the problem.
As a workaround we've temporarily disabled cache digests. People should no longer be seeing the ERR_ONLY_IF_CACHED_MISS message.