2013/07/18 - Potential IPv6 Internet Outage, 4PM
In light of the problems experienced on Monday, TENET have indicated that they need to conduct some tests to determine why IPv6 is not correctly carried on the Grahamstown<->Bisho leg of SANReN. These tests are scheduled for 4PM today.

In theory the tests should not have any impact on Internet access. However, we should consider ourselves at risk of an IPv6 outage.

Should this happen, you will likely experience the outage as slow responses from IPv6-enabled web sites (which now includes many of the major content providers, such as Google, Facebook, etc), as your browser fails over from IPv6 to IPv4. You will not be able to reach any IPv6-only sites (such as

The tests should be complete by 5.30PM.
During the tests, TENET will withdraw IPv6 routing from the Port Elizabeth<->Grahamstown leg of SANReN, leaving Grahamstown dependant on the Grahamstown<->Bisho<->East London leg for IPv6 connectivity; IPv4 connectivity will be carried over both legs as usual. This will allow TENET to determine whether the problem on the Grahamstown<->Bisho link that caused the IPv6 outage on Monday has been rectified.