2011/11/01 - Scheduled Maintenance of Storage Systems
During the 1 November maintenance window, we'll be undertaking maintenance of one of our storage area networks. (This is the change previously contemplated in the last maintenance window.)

The change will affect access to content hosted on (used by some departments for postgraduate research work). It may also affect the ability to log into some public computer labs (Stats, GIS, Education, Law, among others). It will not affect the majority of services we provide.

This maintenance work is being undertaken in the ITSC-approved scheduled maintenance window. Work will start at 5.30PM, and it is expected that all work will be completed well before midnight.
During this change we'll be moving the SAN hardware from one rack to another, to consolodate all storage in one rack. We'll also be replacing a failed hard disk in the SAN controller, and re-cabling the iSCSI network that's used to connect this SAN to servers.
We've realised that, because of bizzare licensing conditions, the non-service-affecting component of this work will affect This provides managment services for access control, but does not affect the operation of access control itself. It will be unavailable for approximately four hours.