2011/08/09 - St Peters Campus and North Campus network outage
The distribution switches serving the St Peters Campus and north campus sectors of the campus network will be replaced tomorrow evening. Work will begin at 7 PM so it is expected that each sector will experience an outage of 30-60 minutes starting any time after 7 PM. During each outage, no network or telephone services will be available within the buildings listed below. This includes, for example, Internet access, network access, email, home directories, printing, public computer labs, telephones, etc -- if it isn't stored on your own computer, do not expect to be able to access it.

Buildings affected:
  • St Peters Campus sector
    • Eden Grove building
    • Alumni House
    • Albany History museum
    • Truro House
    • St Peters building
    • Environmental Education buildings
    • Salisbury House
    • Fine Art annexe and photography buildings
    • Law Dept buildings
    • Education Dept buildings
    • Bangor House
    • 19 Somerset St
    • Beethoven House
    • Canterbury House and annexe
    • Allan Webb Hall
    • Winchester House
    • NELM
  • North campus sector
    • Steve Biko/Union Building
    • Great Hall
    • Selwyn Castle
    • ISER buildings
    • Barratt lecture complex
    • 5 Prince Alfred St
    • Philosophy building
    • Prince Alfred House
    • Allan Gray House
    • Politics building
    • ILAM building
    • DIFS buildings
Note that this is a fairly major change affecting substantial portions of campus (including some labs, lecture venues, etc), but it is happening outside of an approved maintenance window. Our original intention was to perform this work during the September maintenance window. However unexpected problems resulting from the previous change necessitate that we complete this work as soon as possible. We're hoping that by doing it in the evening of a public holiday, we can minimise the impact.

Note that there will be a series of smaller changes affecting single buildings and/or residences that don't need to be done during a maintenance window (the maintenance windows are for substantive changes affecting the majority of campus). We'll be contacting the affected parties about these directly and/or posting details of them here.