2010/06/21 - Scheduled Internet Outage
Neotel have indicated that they intend completing their previously scheduled (and three-times cancelled) maintenance between midnight and 4AM tonight (21 June). If they are able to undertake the work this time around, it will result in a total Internet outage. We have accepted the maintenance request at short notice as we are anxious to have this change completed.

During this maintenance you can expect Internet access to be intermittent or unavailable. You will likely experience this outage as an ERR_DNS_FAIL or ERR_CONNECT_FAIL error when trying to access websites. When accessing secure (https://) web sites, your browser may report that the connection has timed out or the site is unreachable.
The maintenance work is still ongoing. Neotel have been able to transfer our access circuit from their Cape Town POP to their Port Elizabeth POP, but have as yet been unable to set up the new link to provide Rhodes with working Internet access. We have referred the situation to TENET who are working with Neotel to fix the problem.
The outage is continuing. We are currently waiting for a higher-level Neotel engineer to look at this problem.
Neotel have begun attempting to revert to the previous configuration (a single connection directly from Rhodes to Bellville). It is hoped that they will be able to reconnect Rhodes to TENET's network from their Bellville POP.
The configuration has been reverted, and Internet access appears to have been restored.