A number of services are currently unstable and/or slow to respond. Things that are currently known to be affected are: central Novell servers (jackal, gnu), iPrint, ruconnected, RUCMS, VPN.

The current instability is as a result of an unscheduled power outage in our Africa Media Matrix data centre during the early hours of this morning -- the standby generator failed to start due to operator error.

We're currently working to restore services, and then to restore normal performance. Most services are now operational, although some are in a degraded state. We anticipate that it'll take the better part of the morning to fully restore systems to a normal state.

Fixing some of the problems we're experiencing may involved unscheduled outages of services at little or no notice. Services that may be affected are: eprints, central Novell servers (jackal, gnu), iPrint, IMAP (incoming e-mail), mailing lists, WSUS, web-proxy autodiscovery. We'll try, where possible, to do these over lunch time.