2009/08/14-16 - Administative System (protea) Failure
The University's main administrative system,, has suffered a number of related failures starting at about 4PM yesterday. This has resulted in the services provided by this server being intermittently unavailable since then, and completely unavailable since 10AM this morning.

This will affect all the University's general ledger, salaries, and student records systems (commonly collectively referred to as "protea"). It will also affect services provided by, notably meal bookings and the maintenance requisition system.

It is not yet known how long this problem will take to resolve.
All parts of protea bar the salaries system were restored by 2PM. The salaries system, which was the root cause of the problem, is in the process of being recovered from backups. This will take several hours.
The salaries system is still problematic, and is being restored from the last known good backup.