In order to bring the new AMM Building on to our telephone network it will be necessary to do an upgrade to our main PABX System. This will take place tomorrow starting at 12h45. This will entail shutting the main system down. All PABX calls both on and off campus will not be functional at this time. It is anticipated that this upgrade will take approximately 1 hr, and that normal phone services will resume at 2:00pm. However, this is a major upgrade and should we run into any unexpected problems,  service could be out for as long as 4 hours. Dedicated Telkom exchange lines will still function normally.

Any diverts, diverts to voicemail, or "follow me" functions that have been activated by RU users will fail as a result of the shut-down and will have to be re-activated by users after normal service has been restored. The Voicemail System will not receive calls during the shut down. The Switchboard will also be out of action during this time.

We regret the inconvenience, but have had little choice  other than tomorrow, without creating bigger problems by doing this later. Delaying this shut-down could the result in the AMM Building not being ready for student function by start of the 1st term 2006.

Should you have any telephone problems as a result of the shut-down please contact the switchboard at ext 8000, or email support@ru.ac.za.