2004/11/15 - Core System Opertaing System Upgrades, one of the University's web servers will be rebooted at 12:15. Appolgies for the short notice -- this reboot has been moved forward to address a few issues that have arisen.

iguana (or at least the part of it) hosts,,,, (including the studentZONE website),,, and several other web sites. None of these sites will be available until the system finishes booting cleanly. This should take of the order of ten minutes or so, assuming nothing goes wrong.

More details about these upgrades can be found in an earlier post.
After slightly longer than expected, iguana is back up and appears to be stable. There is still a minor issue: DNS resolution does not work entirely properly. This is a bug in one of the kernel patches that we'll try and isolate during the course of tomorrow.

The impact of this bug is that anything depending on DNS may not work correctly. This includes, but is not limited to, DNS based access controls, sending e-mail from web sites and a few other things.