TENET have just informed us that in the wee hours (00:01 to 06:00) of Sunday 3 October 2004, Telkom will bring down the HEIST international and national gateway routers in order to move
them into a new larger cabinet. During this period there will be no international or national
Internet access. Users are encouraged to plan their need for Internet access around the full period of this scheduled outage.

This change is to allow Telkom to implement the shared/transparent caching project mentioned at http://www.tenet.ac.za/TransparentCachingReport.PDF. TENET have informed us that caching will not be implemented immediately, and that this change merely provides them with the hardware necessary to turn it on. It is likely that transparent caching will start sometime in the middle of Monday morning 4 October 2004. This plan ensures that librarians, help desk staff and Telkom people are on hand to attend to access problems that may arise, particularly as regards deficiencies in the Cache Bypass List.