There will be disruption of the computer network on the Western Campus starting
+- 7:00am Saturday 11 September. This is to move fibre optic cables away from
the old LIRI Building in preparation for the commencement of the African Media
Matrix Journalism Department project.The areas affected will be:

1. Kimberly Hall - Residences and Dining Hall.
2. Nelson Mandella Hall - Residences and Dining hall.

The computer network will go down in these area's for approximately 12 hrs. This
will affect RESNET and the MEAL BOOKING SYSTEM for these Halls. This will
include wardens and hall adimin staff.

It is hoped that these cable moves will go smoothly, but Sunday has been
reserved to sort out any problems should they occur. We will endeavor to return
services as speedily as possible but stress that there may be minor outages
after normal services have been restored, as late as Sunday afternoon.

Telephone Services and power will not be affected. There is trenching currently
underway along the edge of the Prince Alfred Street walkway next to the LIRI
Building which will remain open until Friday, and be filled in by late Friday
afternoon. This area has been closed via marker tape barriers.
However, we would advise caution if walking in the area at night.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Should there be any problems after Sunday
afternoon please report these to the IT Help desk at ext 8288.


John Stevens
IT Division
Rhodes University