2004/07/05 Internet Outage
Rhodes' upstream Internet connection is currently not functioning. It appears as if the problem is somewhere between the Telkom router in Struben Building and their router in Durban. Telkom is aware of the problem and we are awaiting feedback from them.

While this problem persists, Rhodes will have no external connectivity whatsoever.
Telkom have narrowed the problem down to a physical fault, either with the fibre optic bundle from their Huntley Street exchange to Rhodes, or with the termination equipment at either end. A technician arrived from Port Elizabeth earlier this evening and is currently testing and cleaning the fibre optics in order to try and track down the exact fault.

It appears that Internet access at the moment is both intermittent and slow. The occasional bursts of connectivity we have had during the day, however, have allowed most of the e-mail in our outbound queue to be delivered. We are hoping to have normal Internet access back up sometime before tomorrow morning.
Full connectivity was restored just before 11pm last night. The feedback we have from Telkom indicates that the real problem was between Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth.

There will be a brief interuption in connectivity at a later stage while Telkom restore the original fibre configuration in our machine room.