2004/05/27 Telkom Audit - Disruption Of Data Lines
Telkom have informed us that they intend to trace all copper data and phone circuits terminating in Struben building during the course of Thursday 27 May. This is part of the ongoing Telkom audit of Rhodes' account with them.

The trace will take the form of tapping each line in turn and applying a audio-frequency tone generator to the line. As they work on a particular line, services provided using that line will be interupted.

All remote access users, including those users connecting via dialup, analogue leased line, dial-dedicated lines, DSL and diginet circuits will be affected. This will include some affiliates and institutions (NELM, EBRU, etc) as well the tie lines between Grahamstown and East London/Rhodes house, Jo'burg.

The disruption to each individual circuit should be fairly brief.

Rhodes' outgoing Internet link is carried on fibre optics and should be unaffected by Telkom's work.
Telkom haven't yet finished this process, and are continuing to test circuits until Wednesday.
We're informed that this is taking a lot longer than expected and that Telkom hope to be finished by the end of this week.