2015/08/29 - RADIUS failure (affects wireless networks, VPN)
Just after midnight this morning, the University's RADIUS server stopped working. Users will be experiencing this as authentication failures on the wireless network and VPN.

The root cause is that RADIUS server ran out of log space. To comply with eduroam's logging requirements, when this happened it started refusing to authenticate new devices (since it could not write log entries for this).

Emergency maintenance is underway, and you can expect intermittent authentication failures until it is complete.
A temporary workaround is in place, and authentication is currently working again. Logs show successful authentication from both the eduroam and Events@Rhodes wireless network.

Users may need to completely disconnect from the wireless network (turn wireless off on your device) and reconnect in order to successfully authenticated.

A more permanent solution will be looked at as part of the forthcoming maintenance work (cf