2015/09/01 - Scheduled Maintenance
During the Tuesday, September 1st maintenance window, maintenance work affecting a number of services will occur, starting at 5:30 PM and being completed before midnight. The following will occur:
  • eduroam Wi-Fi network: the eduroam Wi-Fi network on campus will be migrated to a number of different IP address ranges. This change has become necessary to provide additional network capacity to accommodate growing Wi-Fi use on campus. An outage of up to two hours is expected while the change is completed. Please note that it may be necessary to disable and re-enable Wi-Fi on devices after the maintenance has been completed to restore Wi-Fi access.
  • Server software updates: software on the servers which provide the following services will be updated, resulting in outages of up to 15 minutes per server:
    • DNS
    • DHCP
    • NTP
    • RT
    • Web proxies
    • Registration system
    • Incoming e-mail
    • Outgoing e-mail
    • E-mail mailboxes
    • Webmail
    • Mailing lists
    • SMS
    • Apple Software Update Server
    • Provisioning (web proxy autodiscovery, telephone provisioning)
    • Wi-Fi and VPN authentication
    • CHERTL Evaluation Assistant
    • Network graphs
    • Guest network access
    • Network monitoring
    • Terminal Four content management system
    • RU Single Sign-On system
    • Main web server (, etc)
    • University administration and meal booking systems
    • SEALS Library consortium services
  • Access switches: software on a number of access switches will be updated, causing a network outage (including Wi-Fi and IP telephones) of up to ten minutes in the following buildings:
    • Biological Sciences
    • Geography
  • Data centre access switches: software on access switches in the university's data centres will be updated, resulting an outage of up to 10 minutes affecting the following services:
    • VPN
    • DNS
    • DHCP
    • NTP
    • Web proxies
    • RT
    • Departmental servers hosted in IT racks (excluding CS/IS, JMS and RATT)
This maintenance work is being undertaken in the ITSC-approved scheduled maintenance window. More information about maintenance windows and maintenance periods.
In light of the failures over the weekend, you can expect the work on the RADIUS server to take longer than the 15 minutes advertised above; RADIUS (and hence wireless & VPN authentication) may be unavailable for up-to two hours.