2015/04/07 - Scheduled maintenance
During the Tuesday, April 7th maintenance window, maintenance work affecting a number of services will occur, starting at 5:30 PM and being completed before midnight. The following will occur:
  • Web proxy servers: software on the web proxy servers will be updated, and a configuration change will be implemented. Access to the web may be affected at times throughout the maintenance window.
  • University administration server: the main administration server,, will be upgraded. All University administrative applications, including the meal booking system and other web applications on or, will be unavailable for at least two hours.
  • Data centres distribution routers: the software on the distribution routers serving the data centres will be updated. This is likely to cause all Wi-Fi access across campus to be unavailable for between five and 15 minutes, but access to all other services should be unaffected.
  • Access switches: software updates will be done on a number of access switches, causing a network outage of up to ten minutes in the following buildings:
    • AMM
    • Anthropology GIS Lab
    • Biological Sciences (1 Gbps ports only)
    • Botany
    • Drostdy Barracks
    • GRPGV
    • Library
    • New Holland
    • New House annexe 4
    • Physics
    • RATT servers
    • Struben
    • The Greens
  • Server software updates: software on the servers which provide the following services will be updated, resulting in outages of up to 15 minutes per server:
    • DNS
    • DHCP
    • NTP
    • RT
    • Web proxies
    • Registration system
    • Incoming e-mail
    • Outgoing e-mail
    • E-mail mailboxes
    • Webmail
    • Mailing lists
    • SMS
    • Apple Software Update Server
    • Provisioning (web proxy autodiscovery, telephone provisioning)
    • Wi-Fi and VPN authentication
    • CHERTL Evaluation Assistant
    • Network graphs
    • Guest network access
    • Network monitoring
    • RU Single Sign-on
    • Terminal Four content management system
  • Firewalls: software on the firewalls which connect the Internet to the campus, SEALS and public networks will be updated. As the firewalls operate as a redundant pair, no noticeable outages are expected during this maintenance.
This maintenance work is being undertaken in the ITSC-approved scheduled maintenance window. More information about maintenance windows and maintenance periods.
There is currently a known problem with direct printing (e.g. to the print unit) from protea. Printing on protea is complicated, and this might take a while to resolve.

Pass-through printing (where protea prints to a printer attached to you computer) should still work, so you can use that as a work around.