2015/01/05 - Student accounts not working
During the transition from the 2014 to the 2015 academic year, I&TS made a mistake was made in student registrations that caused all student accounts to be marked as inactive. As a result of this, no students can currently log into the wireless network, register new computers, log in from public labs, etc. Access to ROSS, however, is unaffected; access to Rhodes email may work.

We're currently working on the problem and expect to reactivate accounts during the course of today.
It would appear that this mistake introduced some corruption into our central directory service. That corruption must be repaired before we can undo the mistake, and is currently underway. It is likely to take several hours.
It would seem our first attempt to fix this missed approximately two hundred students. I've just fixed those, so all students who're entitled to active accounts should now be reactivated.