It appears that the use of and as realms for eduroam and other services causes confusion, particularly amongst staff (who tend to use an email address instead of their username) and visitors (who don't have a Rhodes email address and are thus unsure what to use). The realm serves as routing information, and allows remote institutions to know you're from Rhodes; it is functionally completely unrelated to your email address.

To simplify documentation and to reduce this confusion, we've introduced a new realm - - which works for all valid Rhodes users.

Best practice for any new connection to the eduroam wireless network should be to use the realm, irrespective of whether you're staff, student, or guest. Thus staff usernames would be in the form or; student usernames would be of the form; and visitor usernames would be of the form We've attempted to update all documentation to reflect this, but if you notice any out-of-date documentation, please let us know.

The old and realms will continue to work for staff and students respectively; there are no plans at this stage to discontinue them. Thus if you're already using these, you do not need to change. However, if you configure a new device, please use the new form.