2013/09/17 - Scheduled maintenance: proxy servers
On Tuesday 17th September, scheduled maintenance will be performed on the University's proxy servers, starting at 5.30PM and being completed before 10PM.

This work will result in web browsing being slower than normal. There is some risk that web-based Internet access will be completely interrupted. Other Internet services should be unaffected.

During the maintenance, the amount of memory in each proxy server will be increased. This will facilitate a larger in-memory cache, which should improve the efficiency of the proxy servers.

This work is being conducted during a minor maintenance period. Should there be a compelling reason why this work should not go ahead as planned, please email our Help Desk before 5 PM on Tuesday 17th. (Information about maintenance windows and maintenance periods is available.)
As an adjunct to the work described above, we'll make some minor modifications to the proxy server's routing configuration during the same maintenance period.

This should take no more than a few minutes to complete, but does increase the risk associated with the change.

These changes will allow us to make better use of our secondary Internet connection during Internet outages.