In preparation for the Highway Africa Conference and new wireless, some changes have been made to the public network during the course of today. The changes potentially affect:
  • Conference & workshop delegates using the Events@RU wireless network
  • Visitors to Rhodes using the eduroam wireless network (but not Rhodes staff & students using this network)
  • Schools and other organisations provided with Internet access under the CoE community engagement programme

A new border firewall was installed. This should be configured the same way as the previous one (i.e. allowing basic web browsing, VPNs, SSH and email). However the technology used is completely different, and so it is possible that things don't work entirely as expected. If an application that used to work no longer does, please contact

The Events@RU network (and by implication, the network used by eduroam visitors) was changed to accommodate a much larger number of concurrent users, as is expected for the Highway Africa Conference. This change means that existing users of the network will be allocated new IP addresses. Should you experience any problems connecting, please reboot your device and re-connect.