2013/02/14 - International Internet access slow
We've received the following message from TENET:

We are experiencing a Seacom outage in Egypt. We are awaiting more detail from Seacom. Meanwhile we are routing traffic via the WACS cable.

We are experiencing some degradation of that service due to only 2.5 gigs of WACS being functional right now. TENETs engineers are working on this problem.

More information to follow.

This problem will mean that access to all sites hosted outside of South Africa will be slower than usual.
We've received more news from TENET:

The Seacom service delivered to SANReN institutions depends on terrestrial connectivity through Egypt for its access to Europe. There are currently multiple terrestrial fibre breaks leading to both the primary and redundant paths being down on land in Egypt.
This is not a failure of the Seacom undersea cable as is evidenced by other undersea cable providers being affected.

The full 5gig WACS disaster recovery path is up and running at full speed now. More updates to follow as we are made aware by the upstream Operations Centre.