2012/12/12 - change to eduroam wireless network
At their board meeting earlier today, TENET ratified an eduroam National Policy for South Africa. This marks the end of the pilot phase.

We will therefore be changing the SSID (network name) of our eduroam wireless network from eduroam-test to eduroam at 5PM. After 5PM today (12 December 2012), guests wishing to make use of Rhodes' eduroam service should connect to the eduroam wireless network in accordance with worldwide standards.
Rhodes was actively involved in the development of the aforementioned policy. Our eduroam wireless network already complies with its requirements, and we'll sign the appropriate compliance statement with TENET as soon as its requested. As a result we now consider eduroam at Rhodes to be a production service, and it is the preferred method for providing Internet access to visitors and guests.