2012/11/06 - Urgent maintenance: Main Campus sector -- cancelled
Networking in the main campus sector* will be disrupted for a short time after 5 PM on Tuesday, 6 November.

In order to continue their investigation of a problem which has affected (particularly) the main campus sector repeatedly [1] [2], the router vendor has requested access to the affected distribution routers to gather diagnostic information. The process of gathering that information will result in a brief network disruption which will affect all network services (including Internet access and IP telephony) within the main campus sector. While this time falls outside of the ITSC-approved maintenance window, we've agreed to the request as it is important to advance the diagnostic process so that a permanent solution can be found as soon as possible.

* The main campus sector is bounded by Somerset St, Prince Alfred St and Lucas Avenue, as far as the Biological Sciences Building, the Library and the Psychology Building, as well as the Law Clinic, Mandalay-off-High and 36 Somerset St.
This maintenance is being rescheduled as the time proposed clashes with a prac exam. We'll post an update once a new time is agreed to.
This has been rescheduled to Friday.