During the Tuesday, October 2nd maintenance window, maintenance work will be done in the Struben and AMM Data Centres, starting at 5:30 PM. This work is certain to cause some centrally provided services to be unavailable, and may result in others being temporarily isolated from the network. Furthermore, all centrally provides services provided out of these data centres will be at risk.

While we will endeavour to minimise the duration of outages and keep as many services available as we can, we would recommend that staff and students assume that outages could occur at any time during the maintenance. During such an outage, all network services including telephones and Internet access could be unavailable.

Those services which are certain to be disconnected are as follows. The outage they will experience is likely to be a minimum of one hour.
  • AlwaysOn wireless network
  • Apple updates service
  • CoE schools network
  • PBX: least-cost routing
  • PBX: music-on-hold
  • VPN (staff remote access)
  • eduroam-test wireless network
  • greatwall
  • hosted systems (ILAM, CoE, GBS, Albany Museum, Fine Art)
  • iSCSI storage (serval, zenworks)
  • pangolin
  • proxy servers (3/5)
  • results IVR

Note that the list includes some (but not all) of the proxy servers. This may result in Internet access being slow, intermittent, or unavailable.

During the maintenance work, servers and racks will be migrated from our ageing and possibly faulty UPS to the new UPS that was installed recently. Those servers which have dual power supplies should not be affected by these changes; however, those servers with only one power supply will be shut down to allow us to disconnect the power and reconnect it to the new UPS.

Time-allowing, some minor at-risk maintenance work will be performed in the AMM data centre as well.

This maintenance work is being undertaken in the ITSC-approved scheduled maintenance window, and should be completed before midnight.