During the Tuesday, September 4th maintenance window, maintenance work will be done in the Struben and AMM Data Centres, starting at 5:30 PM. This work is certain to cause network outages for some buildings within the Main Campus sector. Furthermore, all of campus will be at risk of network outages, and there is a risk that services provided within the data centres will be isolated from the campus network.

While we will endeavour to keep the network and services available, we would recommend that staff and students assume that outages could occur at any time during the maintenance. During such an outage, all network services including telephones and Internet access will be unavailable.

Those buildings which are certain to be disconnected are as follows. The outage they will experience is likely to be a minimum of two hours.
  • RU Law Clinic
  • Grocotts Mail
  • Mandalay-off-High
  • 36 Somerset St
  • Theatre Building
  • Drostdy Lodge
  • Main Fine Art Building
  • Drostdy Dining Hall
  • Graham House
During the maintenance work, the core and distribution routers located in the Struben Data Centre as well as the patch panels terminating 25 fibre optic cables will be moved from an old rack into a new rack.

This maintenance work is being undertaken in the ITSC-approved scheduled maintenance window. Normal network service will be restored before the end of the maintenance window, which is at 7:30 AM on Wednesday 5th September.