2012/07/24 - Scheduled network maintenance: Main Campus Sector
During the evening of Tuesday, July 24th, emergency maintenance will be done on the routers within the Main Campus sector. This will cause complete network and IP telephone outages for (hopefully brief) periods in that sector. The area of campus affected is enclosed by Lucas Avenue, Somerset St and Prince Alfred St, as far as (and including) the Biological Sciences Building, the Library, and the Psychology Building, plus the Legal Aid Clinic and Grocotts Mail lab. (Note that the described area includes BraŠ, Commerce, Guthrie, Fountain, and Jacaranda labs as well as the Library.)

This emergency maintenance work is part of our ongoing efforts to resolve the network problems affecting the Main Campus Sector and that manifests every 10-12 days. The vendor's technical assistance centre has requested that we replace the affected routers, and has shipped us new ones. During the maintenance work we will swop out the existing routers, replacing them with the ones we have just received. There is some urgency to this since the replacement is part of an ongoing technical support case, and because the existing problem is likely to manifest within the next few days.
This maintenance work may need to be postponed, depending on whether or not license keys can be provided by the vendor in time. Should we receive the license keys in time for tonight's maintenance, it will go ahead; if not, the maintenance will be postponed to Thursday evening (July 26).
The license keys have now been installed on the replacement routers, so this maintenance work will proceed tonight.