2012/05/31 - Network problem affecting Main Campus sector
Since approximately 10:30, a number of people in the main campus sector have experienced intermittent network problems. These problems cause some devices to be unable to access any network services, while other devices continue to work. The main campus sector is bounded by Somerset St, Prince Alfred St and Lucas Avenue, as far as the Biological Sciences Building, the Library and the Psychology Building.

This problem has occurred a number of times previously, but we have not been able to establish the root cause of it. We have reported the problem to the manufacturer of routers and provided debugging information, and we are now awaiting feedback from them.
The vendor identified the bug which they believe was the cause of the problem, and a version of software in which the bug has been fixed. That version of software was installed on the routers late last night. We hope that this means that the problem won't occur again.