During the Tuesday, May 1st maintenance window, maintenance work will be done in the Struben data centre While the work in question is only likely to cause one minor disruption (see below), during this time all centrally provided ICT services (including IP telephones, email, file & print services, labs, library systems, and Internet access) will be at risk of an outage.

The work entails moving seven existing equipment racks (containing a majority of the University's ICT services) approximately 15cm North of their current position. We do not intend to shut down any services while we do this, but if it becomes necessary to do so, we will without further warning. The move is necessary to accommodate some additional equipment racks in our Struben data centre in order to cater for growth.

As part of the work, we intend relocating the existing telephone least-cost routing system from one rack to another. This will result in a short, temporary disruption of outgoing cellular telephone calls. All in-progress cellular calls will be dropped as the system is disconnected, and can be immediately redialled using backup routing. No further outage is expected, as the PBX should automatically recover from the failure.

This maintenance work is being undertaken in the ITSC-approved scheduled maintenance window. Work will start at 5.30PM, and it is expected that all work will be completed well before midnight.