2012/03/13 - Scheduled network maintenance: Main Campus sector
During the evening of Tuesday, March 13th, maintenance will be done on the routers within the Main Campus sector. This will cause complete network and IP telephone outages for (hopefully brief) periods in that sector. The area of campus affected is enclosed by Lucas Avenue, Somerset St and Prince Alfred St, as far as (and including) the Biological Sciences Building, the Library, and the Psychology Building, plus the Legal Aid Clinic and Grocotts Mail lab.

This maintenance work has become urgent due to repeated problems within the sector. Work will start after 8PM, and it is expected that all work will be completed well before midnight.
Our Data Centres sector is experiencing similar problems, which is currently affecting users of the wireless network. As a result, we'll be performing the same emergency maintenance on these switches during the course of this evening (probably immediately after the Main Admin sector maintenance describe above).

This work will involve a (hopefully) brief campus-wide network outage. It will affect all network services throughout the campus, as well as Internet access.

Because of the impact on the wireless network, and the potential risk of this spreading to central services, this work cannot be deferred to the next maintenance window and needs to be done as soon as possible.