During the course of the day we've been experiencing problems with the distribution routers servicing the University's data centres (and hence all central ICT services). These problems were not unlike those experienced in the maincampus sector some time ago. However, because of their location, the impact was substantially more severe.

You may have experienced this as difficulty accessing the network from a wireless device, difficulty connecting to any central ICT service, or difficulty in making or receiving phone calls.

About ten minutes ago, we performed an emergency reboot of the affected routers. We'd hoped to do this in the early hours of the morning, but the worsening impact of the problem meant it was critical that it happened immediately. You would have experienced the reboot as a complete outage of all centrally provided IT services.

Most things have now recovered properly. However, as of writing this, there are still some residual problems with the phone system that we're still working on.