During the course of this morning we've been experiencing intermittent problems with networking in the main campus sector (the area bounded by Prince Alfred St, Somerset St, Lucas Avenue, and a straight line between Psychology/Beit, Library/John Kotze and Biological Science/Botha). The general symptoms of this are that individual devices are unable to connect to the network outside their own building whereas all other devices around them are. Affected computers will be unable to access anything outside their building; affected telephones will be unable to make or receive calls.

This problem is unrelated to the ongoing problems with Internet access but because the reports we receive generally amount to "I can't access the Internet", the Internet outage is hampering our ability to isolate the problem.

Nevertheless, it seems that the cause of the instability relates to the newly deployed distribution switch serving this sector. As yet we're unsure why this should have happened. However, about ten minutes ago we rebooted the distribution switch serving this sector in the hopes of mitigating the effects of the problem. This would have caused a brief general outage for all computers within the sector.

Reports we've received thus far seem to indicate that things are working properly now.