At present, per-host Internet quotas are calculated on the fully-qualified domain name of a computer (e.g. Unfortunately this seems to cause some confusion, particularly when the same laptop is used on both the wired and wireless network.

In order to simply things, over the next few days we'll be making a minor adjustment to the calculation of per-host Internet quotas to accommodate this. Instead of using the fully-qualified name, we'll simply use the hostname without the rest of the domain name (i.e. example-1 rather than This will serve to amalgamate multiple registrations for the same machine into a single per-host quota.

For most people this change will have no effect -- their per-host quota will remain the same, and will be calculated in the same way. If you have a computer that you only use from your office desk, you can completely ignore this change.

However, people who use the same computer in multiple locations (including wireless) may find that the quota "jumps" up as their usage from all locations is consolidated into a single quota. This will likely particularly affect people who use laptops on both wired and wireless networks. The new value is an accurate reflection of your computer's total use, and is the value used for quota enforcement.