During the course of today, the standby power system powering the main admin building node of the old PABX system failed catastrophically. This has resulted in a number of complete shutdowns of the PBX, including switchboard, each time mains power has failed.

As a result of the repeated power failures today, and because this system is no longer covered by maintenance contracts, we've taken the precautionary measure of powering down this node of the PABX system overnight. As a result, a substantial number of people on the University's campus will not be able to make and receive phone calls. (Users of other nodes might be able to make calls, as will all users directly connected to the new PBX system.)

Alternative arrangements have been made for Campus Protection, and calls to 046 603 8146 will still be answered. In the worst case, this means that people using affected phones will be able to contact CPU by using a cell phone. CPU can still make outgoing calls as normal.

The old PBX system will be powered up again first thing in the morning. Power depending, normal service should be restored before 8AM tomorrow.