2010/10/02 - Risk Of Network Outage
On Saturday 2 October the electricians will be re-wiring the main electrical feed into Kimberley dining hall. The dining hall houses an aggregation switch that provides network connectivity to a number of buildings in the immediate vicinity.

We're told that work will commence at 8AM and should be completed by 5PM. However, the electrical contractor responsible for this work has indicated that they intend on using a generator to provide power to the network distribution centre in Kimberley during this period.

As a result of this scheduled electrical work, the following buildings are at risk of a network outage between 8AM and 5PM:
  • Goldfields House
  • De Beers House
  • Piet Retief House
  • Thomas Pringle House
  • Walker House
  • Cullen Bowles House
  • CEC

It appears there was indeed a network outage as a result of this work. We'll investigate why it hasn't properly recovered tomorrow morning.