Network maintenance will be performed starting at 10:30 on Thursday night. Maintenance should be completed within three hours.

Expected impact of the maintenance:
  • Certain parts of the campus PBX will be disrupted for two short periods (likely to be about a minute each). It is likely that certain calls will be disconnected during those times.
  •,,,, and various other websites will be unavailable for a period of 20-30 minutes.
  • Other services which will be unavailable will include ZenWorks, lab imaging server, Apple update server.
  • The following hosted servers will also be disconnected from the network during the outage:,,,,
In addition, other services will be at risk of network interruption -- while it is not expected that these services will be disrupted, they might be disrupted if a failure occurs. Services which will be at risk include all virtual machines, and those mentioned in last week's notice.

During the maintenance, network switches in the Struben data centre will be replaced.