During the course of the next few days we'll be doing some routine upgrades to our virtual infrastructure. This will necessitate reboots of the following servers:
  • elijah.csa.ru.ac.za
  • hrexpert.ru.ac.za
  • login.ru.ac.za (shibboleth authentication)
  • radius.ru.ac.za (RADIUS authentication, used by VPN & wireless networking)
  • serval.ru.ac.za
  • stanleyaccess.ru.ac.za (Stanley access control system, used in residences)
  • stream.ru.ac.za
  • weather.ru.ac.za
  • wlan-config-srv.ru.ac.za
  • zenworks.ru.ac.za
The reboot is required to allow us to migrate the machines between our Struben and AMM data centres, and will involve a brief outage (approx 15 minutes) for each of the servers mentioned. It is likely that all will happen more or less simultaneously, or in two distinct batches.

In addition, the following servers will be unavailable for an extended period:
  • oexam.ru.ac.za
  • p2000.ru.ac.za (P2000 access control system, card based)
During the upgrades, the above servers will need their disks migrated from local storage to our storage area network in an addition to a reboot. The disk migrations may take several hours, during which time the servers will be powered off and unavailable.