2010/05/03-05 Internet Quota System Adjustments
In an effort to better understand the way Internet quotas shape user behaviour, we've made some temporary changes to the Internet quota system by adjusting the demand-side management scale factors.

Effective from 00:01 this morning (Monday 3 May) until 07:59 on Thursday (6 May), the scale factor applied to both the per-user and per-host Internet quotas is 0.01. The usual after-hours concessions do not apply -- this rate is affective for the entire period. This effectively increases the per-user Internet quota from 90MiB/day to 8.7GiB/day for the aforementioned time-period.

We ask that you act responsibly during this period, and use the temporary quota relief in a productive manner. Whilst we understand that a small minority of people are likely to abuse this concession, we're interested in the overall effects that this change has on the University's Internet access, as well as what activities it might facilitate. If you've any constructive comments in this regard, please feel free to contact

This is a continuation of the previous experiments conducted earlier this year.
This experiment proved very useful, and we have learned a number of things about the use of Internet bandwidth at Rhodes and the behaviour of users. This will greatly assist with our long-term planning. It is also likely that over the next few weeks we'll make a number of minor operational changes based on this information.