2010/02/01 - Unscheduled International Internet Outage
Around 9:50 AM, Rhodes lost access to Internet networks outside of South Africa. We've received the following information from our service provider:

There is currently a fiber break between Mtunzini and Umhlanga on the SEACOM
Backhaul from the Landing Station.

This is causing a complete outage of all international traffic.

The fault has been reported to DFA and Fiber technicians are attending to
the fault.

As soon as we have an estimated time to repair or any further updates we
will send out an update.
We've received an update: a technician has determined where the fault has occurred.
We've received another update: due to the extensive nature of the repair work required, the ETA to repair is approximately 45 minutes.
Service was restored shortly before 1 PM. We received this update around then:

The fiber break has now been repaired by DFA. The routing tables are
currently rebuilding and the network should stabilize within the next 3 to 5
minutes and be back at full operating capacity.

We will continue to monitor the stability of this link over the common hours
to ensure that there are no other problems caused by this fiber repair.