As previously announced, the "Rhodes" wireless network has been reconfigured to require authentication via a captive portal. The following is a summary of the changes this introduces:

Users who have been making use of this wireless network are strongly encouraged to make use of the WPA-Enterprise secured "" network instead. Those using Windows Vista, Windows 7, or OS X can do this by simply connecting to the network and entering their Rhodes username and password when prompted. Windows XP users will need to install a supplicant in order to connect to this network. Instructions for configuring your computer are available.

Those people who are already registered on the "Rhodes" wireless network may continue to use it if necessary. To gain access to the network, start a web browser and try and visit You'll automatically be redirected to a login page where you'll have to enter your Rhodes username and password to continue. You cannot gain access to the network at all without doing this, meaning you'll need to open a web browser before trying to connect to other network resources (e.g. reading your e-mail).

At present, users of the "Rhodes" network will have the same network access they had previously, albeit only after authenticating. This is likely to change in due course -- we intend making the unsecured wireless network more restrictive and only allow it access to a pre-defined list of core services.

New computers cannot be registered on the unsecured Rhodes wireless network; they simply will not get to the registration page. This is intentional -- please use the secure "" network instead. If you have no alternative but to use an unsecured network, you can request that we manually register your device by sending e-mail to Note that you'll need to explain why you're unable to use the secured network before we'll consider your request.