2009/12/20 - Scheduled Network Outage
Planned maintenance at Telecity in London this forthcoming Sunday (20 December 2009) will entail a complete withdrawal of international bandwidth services for the entire maintenance window (00h00-06h00). During this time the existing line cards will be migrated to a new 7609 chassis and a new SIP card will be added to light the redundant SEACOM fibre.

Users will likely experience the outages as an ERR_DNS_FAIL or ERR_CONNECT_FAIL error when trying to access websites hosted overseas.
It seems that, as a result of this work, we currently have no access to international IPv6 sites. The problem was reported to TENET's service desk at about 8AM this morning, and we're still waiting for them to resolve the matter. This will affect people making direct IPv6 connections to sites overseas.
The IPv6 problem was fixed late yesterday afternoon. It appears that the fault was as a result of a bug in Cisco's firmware for the routers TENET use. At the moment they've put a work-around in place that allows our IPv6 to work. Unfortunately the work-around is not aware of SEACOM's protection mechanisms, meaning that if SEACOM fails onto their protection circuit our IPv6 will break again.