This coming weekened, from Friday 11 December 20h00 until Sunday evening the home directories of staff will move from Gecko to a new server Gnu. Shared directories currently on Gecko will also be moved. During this time you should not be making changes to any of your files on Gecko.

From Monday 14 December you should automatically be connected to Gnu when you access your home directory. If you are accessing shared folders with a shortcut icon, you may have to change it's properties to point to Gnu.

If there's a shortcut on the desktop it should be as simple as right-clicking, choose Properties, and then replace "gecko" with "gnu" in the Target line.

Where there's a drive mapping, right-click My Computer and choose Disconnect Network Drive. Make a note of the full path and then click OK to disconnect. Right-click My Computer and choose Map Network Drive. Select the drive letter you want to assign and next to Folder type in the path you noted in the previous step, but replace gecko with gnu. Select the Reconnect at logon option and then Finish.

Please contact Support at, if you need assistance.